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NATA Accredited Testing Services

Testing Of Heavy Lifting & Height Safety Equipment

Testing of heavy lifting equipment and height safety equipment is critical to ensuring the safety of workers and the success of projects. It also plays a critical role in complying with safety regulations.

For over 45 years our Technical Services Division has been dedicated to first class, competitive service, and continual innovation - it’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Heavy lifting equipment requiring periodical testing includes cranes, hoists, and other machinery designed to move heavy loads, while height safety equipment includes harnesses, lanyards, and other gear that protects workers who are working at height.

These types of equipment are subject to heavy wear and tear, which can lead to equipment failure or malfunctions. Such failures can result in accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Regular testing can identify potential issues before they become serious problems, helping to prevent accidents and protect workers.


+ What Should Businesses Look for in an Equipment Testing Service Provider?

When selecting a testing service provider for heavy lifting and height safety equipment, businesses should consider several factors to ensure that they are choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner. The following are some of the key factors to look for in a testing service provider:

  1. Experience: The testing service provider should have extensive experience testing heavy lifting and height safety equipment. Look for a provider that has been in business for several years and has a proven track record of providing high-quality testing services.


  1. Accreditation: The testing service provider should be NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited as it provides independent verification that the provider has met strict standards for quality and competence. Bunzl Safety & Lifting have been NATA accredited for several decades.



  1. Equipment: Bunzl Safety & Lifting continues to invest in state-of-the-art testing equipment and tools that are regularly maintained and calibrated to successfully test heavy lifting and height safety equipment. Most of our branches Australia-wide have excellent testing facilities and Our fleet of vans and test beds are fully equipped to test a broad range of lifting, rigging and height safety equipment on-site.


  1. Training and Certification: The testing service provider should have trained and certified technicians who can conduct the testing. The technicians should have the necessary qualifications and training to perform the tests accurately and safely. All Bunzl Safety & Lifting Equipment technicians undergo rigorous training to detect faults, deformities, and perform proof load testing, destructive testing, and non-destructive testing on heavy lifting and height safety equipment.



  1. Turnaround Time: The lifting equipment testing service provider should be able to provide timely testing services to minimise downtime for businesses. Bunzl Safety branches offer quick turnaround times on most items.


  • Recording Equipment Inspections – Bunzl Safety & Lifting uses a customised state of the art online Asset Management System for real time recording of test results.  Specifically tailored to the Australian market, our Asset Management System offers 24/7 access to your Equipment Register on an easy-to-use platform.  Test Reports and Certificates are easy to locate and download and automatic reminders are sent when equipment testing is due.


In-House Or Mobile Testing and Repairs

With NATA accredited testing capacity to 1,000 tonnes in-house and 35 tonne capacity mobile test machines, we have the facilities and expertise to test a broad range of lifting and rigging equipment.

Our experienced technicians can also service or repair lifting and rigging equipment both on-site and offsite and we pride ourselves on offering quick turnaround times on all gear sent back to our workshops for repairs.

Most Bunzl Safety and Lifting branches have repair facilities and NATA accredited testing laboratories to ISO 17025 for maintaining lifting and safety equipment, as well as both proof load and destruction testing services being available.

Our full NATA accreditation also ensures that all lifting equipment tested by Bunzl Safety and Lifting is in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and independently audited to international laboratory testing guidelines.

Engineered and Manufactured Products

At Bunzl Safety and Lifting we understand that some heavy lifting and towing applications require custom requirements and expert technical know-how to deliver the safest, yet cost effective solution.

We have full time engineering staff and quality assured manufacturing facilities for the design, manufacture and testing of equipment for those specialised applications.

Custom Designed and Manufactured Lifting Products

Our engineering staff can design and manufacture the following to AS4991 and other relevant Standards: Spreader bars, C hooks and gantry crane systems; Synthetic, chain and wire rope slings; Height safety systems; Forklift jibs, work platforms and goods cages, and Scissor clamps and drum handling equipment.

Our expert staff and testing officers can also undertake: Proof load testing; Lifting studies, crane assessments and incident reports, and Design and assessment of height safety systems.
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About Bunzl Safety and Lifting

Bunzl Safety and Lifting offers an integrated approach to the selection, supply, service, and replacement of safety products, resulting in our ability to manage the complete life cycle of your personal and workplace safety requirements. Bunzl Safety and Lifting is a leading manufacturer of safety products, we provide the very best in workwear, corporate wear, PPE, footwear, materials handling, load restraint, and recovery,height safety, and site safety. We are also a leading supplier of some of the best industrial safety brands on the market, including Mack, Ninja, Contego, Boomerang, Beaver, B-Safe, WS Workwear, Frontier, Black Rat, Robertsons, 3M, Honeywell, Ansell, Bolle Safety, DuPont, Donaghys, MSA, Moldex, Steel Blue, Oliver, uvex, Sqwincher, MaxiFlex, DNC Workwear, Mayo Hardware, Gunnebo Industries, Skylotech and Blundstone. We also offer a range of services including product specialisation and consolidation, custom embroidery and branding, lifting equipment and inspections, NATA Accredited testing and services, height safety installed systems and training, managed inventory, eCommerce and digital solutions, clothing fitouts and yearly uniform issues, ethical sourcing, Indigenous Engagement, and environmental responsibility. We have an Australia-wide network of branches that ensures fast shipping across the country.

Bunzl Brands & Operations Pty Ltd (BBO) located at 55 Sarah Andrews Close Erskine Park NSW 2579 quality scope covers: manufacturing, importing, wholesaling, repairing and testing of lifting, rigging equipment, winches, hoists and materials handling products. The manufacture of synthetic slings and webbing products including load restraint and height safety equipment. Manufacture, import, wholesale and distribution of PPE products, workwear and hand tools. Design and development of products and services and the provision of mechanical testing services.