Beaver Screw Pin Anchor Bow Shackle

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Beaver Screw Pin Shackles are rated shackles used mainly for non-permanent applications.

Grade S shackles are recommended where a high strength to weight ratio is required, therefore making them ideal for lifting, towing, and 4WD applications.

Product Features:
  • Hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection.
  • Suitable for lifting & towing applications.
  • Marked with WLL, quality grade, size, batch ID / date of manufacture
  • Proof tested to the Australian Standard
  • Test certificates available on request
Approved Standards:
  • Complies to AS 2741 

Product Code Size WLL Type Shape Closing Method Weight Carton QTY
242305 5mm x 6mm 0.33t Grade S Bow Screw 0.03kg 500
242306 6mm x 8mm 0.50t Grade S Bow Screw 0.05kg 500
242308 8mm x 10mm 0.75t Grade S Bow Screw 0.09kg 300
242310 10mm x 11mm 1.0t Grade S Bow Screw 0.14kg 200
242311 11mm x 13mm 1.50t Grade S Bow Screw 0.17kg 100
242313 13mm x 16mm 2.00t Grade S Bow Screw 0.33kg 75
242316 16mm x 19mm 3.20t Grade S Bow Screw 0.63kg 40
242319 19mm x 22mm  4.70t Grade S Bow Screw 1.07kg 20
242322 22mm x 25mm 6.50t Grade S Bow Screw 1.65kg 15
242325 25mm x 29mm 8.50t Grade S Bow Screw 2.30kg 10
242329 29mm x 32mm 9.5t Grade S Bow Screw 3.28kg 8
242332 32mm x 35mm 12t Grade S Bow Screw 4.51kg 5
242335 35mm x 38mm 13.5t Grade S Bow Screw 5.43kg 4
242338 38mm x 41mm 17t Grade S Bow Screw 7.89kg 3
242344 44mm x 51mm 25t Grade S Bow Screw 13.40kg 2
242351 51mm x 57mm 35t Grade S Bow Screw 18.85kg 1
242363 63mm x 70mm 55t Grade S Bow Screw 37.86kg 1

Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent applications. The Grade S shackles are recommended where high strength is required such as lifting, towing, and 4WD applications.

Product Code Size Diameter Pin Diameter (D) Inside Width (W) Inside Length (L) Width of Bow (B) Diameter Boss (F)
242306 6mm x 8mm 6mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 29mm 17mm
242308 8mm x 10mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 21mm 31mm 21mm
242310 10mm x 11mm 10mm 11mm 17mm 26mm 37mm 25mm
242311 11mm x 13mm 11mm 13mm 18mm 29mm 43mm 27mm
242313 13mm x 16mm 13mm 16mm 21mm 33mm 48mm 33mm
242316 16mm x 19mm 16mm 19mm 27mm 43mm 61mm 40mm
242319 19mm x 22mm  19mm 22mm 32mm 51mm 72mm 48mm
242329 29mm x 32mm 29mm 32mm 46mm 108mm 74mm 67mm
242332 32mm x 35mm 32mm 35mm 52mm 119mm 83mm 76mm
242335 35mm x 38mm 35mm 38mm 57mm 133mm 92mm 84mm
242338 38mm x 41mm 38mm 41mm 60mm 146mm 98mm 92mm
242344 44mm x 51mm 44mm 51mm 73mm 178mm 127mm 110mm
242351 51mm x 57mm 51mm 57mm 83mm 197mm 146mm 127mm
242363 63mm x 70mm 63mm 70mm 105mm 267mm 184mm 152mm

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Returns are subject to customer following Bunzl Safety’s recommended care and maintenance instructions which can be found on the garments swing tag. Bunzl Safety found to be faulty will be replaced at no cost.

Items that are sourced from 3rd party distributors will carry their own manufacturer’s warranty.

Returns/Exchange Policy:

Bunzl Safety to be notified within 7 days from receipt of order for any products that are to be returned/exchanged.

Before any items are returned the following steps need to be actioned:

  • Complete Return Authorisation Form (RAF)
  • Obtain a Return Authorisation Number
  • Forward the garments with the (RAF) form to the specified Worksense branch
  • Goods will be inspected and credited off your account once approved

Please Note: Bunzl Safety must approve all returns before they are forwarded back to the designated branch. These authorised returns must be freight prepaid and will only be accepted if they are in a saleable condition. Products specifically purchased, manufactured, machined or cut to size or to your company’s specification are not returnable unless prior approval has been given.

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Please note that the metric system is used for all forms of measurement for this product.

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