• COVID-19 Update
We acknowledge that these are extraordinary times; and many are concerned both from a business, as well as a personal perspective. Our thoughts are with those affected by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world. As the impacts of this situation evolve, we would like to share the steps that we are taking to keep our customer’s supply chain and staff safe.

As an essential service, Bunzl intend to remain operational throughout the pandemic.

Our objective remains to ensure inventory is controlled and that all our existing customers are supplied on an ongoing basis at normal levels of demand. We are not permitting opportunistic purchasers to take current inventory; and to ensure this we have frozen inventory in our system. We are instead releasing orders manually.

This level of manual intervention increases the time it would normally take to process orders. We therefore request that customers please restrict phone calls to our customer service teams and instead send emails which we will respond to. If calls are not related to ordering product, please continue to contact your sales representatives who will be able to assist with general sales or product enquiries as normal.

Our Risk Management Plan
In keeping with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and Australian Government travel advisories, Bunzl Safety has been diligent with its risk management plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As an organisation, Bunzl Safety is closely monitoring not only our supply chain situation but the health and safety of our staff locally and internationally. These processes and protocols are as follows:

Impacts to Supply Chain – Bunzl Safety’s current inventory of products remain at acceptable levels. Bunzl Safety’s commitment is to supply our current customers with a business-as-usual approach. Our edict is to keep a continued supply of products, based on historical baseline volumes ensuring our supply of these sought-after products remains available for our valued existing customers. To achieve this, we have been carefully controlling availability and usage. Where possible we are also securing alternate product sources.

Continuity of Technical Services (Lifting, Rigging & Height Safety Testing/Tagging) – Bunzl Safety has an edict to ensure all current services continue for current customers with a business as usual approach. All services employees comply by Bunzl Safety guidelines and are required to complete a Personal Protection and Health Assessment review prior to commencing new works. This is in conjunction and addition to customer requirements to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and customers when on site.
Continuity of Supply should a Bunzl Distribution Centre be Quarantined - Bunzl Safety operates 11 distribution centres and warehouses within Australia. In the unlikely event that a distribution centre is quarantined, we would implement immediate controls at the site, communicating any risk to our customers. Our first and primary action has been to implement practices within our facilities to ensure that the chance of an outbreak is minimised. This includes having employees working from home, segregating any essential office and warehouse teams in most facilities and ensuring separate warehouse shifts do not have contact.

Precautions for Visitors to Bunzl Facilities - We are restricting all visitations to ‘essential only’ and all permitted visitors will be screened and monitored to:-
  1. Ascertain whether, in the last 14 days they have travelled from, or had contact with, anybody who has travelled from countries that have experienced an outbreak of the virus
  2. Whether they are experiencing any symptoms associated with the virus
  3. Have their temperature taken as a precaution
  4. Ensure they abide by social distancing restrictions.
If they respond ‘yes’ to any of the above or have a temperature, they will be asked to contact their host and advised to seek medical advice immediately.

Medical Advice - If an employee develops symptoms, they should arrange to see a doctor for an urgent assessment and must not come to work. They must remain isolated either in their home or a healthcare setting until Public Health authorities inform them it is safe to return to their usual activities. Globally, Bunzl has established an incident management group which meets weekly to closely monitor the situation. Locally, in ANZ, we have a team who is working together to monitor and respond to any potential risk.

Bunzl Safety is committed to ensuring a safe place of work and the wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers and all they come into contact with.

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